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Katie Price returns engagement ring

Katie Price has returned her diamond engagement ring from ex-fiance Leandro Penna.

The Argentinian model gave the glamour girl the ring last March but they split in October, and according to reports, she's had to hand it back because nobody settled the bill for the pink, heart-shaped bit of bling.

Talking about the situation on Twitter, Katie's friend Phill Turner said: "I'm sorry to hear your heart ring has been repossessed as that Spanish (sic) guy never paid for it like everything else."

And the star replied: "Just did! That man took advantage of my generosity if only peeps could see the emails all over Christmas him wanting me back."

Leandro, however, said that Katie had ordered the sparkler herself.

He said: "The ring in question has never been in my possession.

"It was a ring Katie Price designed, ordered and had delivered directly to herself from her personal jeweller. Katie took delivery after we had ended our relationship. After Katie had possession of the ring and we had ended our relationship the bill was then passed on to myself, to my surprise.

"After open dialogue between Katie's and my own management an agreement was reached for Katie to voluntarily return the ring, ending the threat from her jeweller of civil court action."

Katie's spokesperson said: "Katie found out that the ring had not been paid for by Leo and so has returned it rather than have the jeweller out of pocket and Leo pursued for the debt."


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