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Katie Price rips off false eyelashes as Loose Women go make-up free

Katie Price ripped off her false eyelashes live on air as the Loose Women removed their make-up on the show - but viewers were not impressed.

Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore joined the former glamour model in wiping off everything from their foundation to mascara to emulate Fearne Cotton's cosmetic-free selfie.

Mother-of-two Cotton, 34, had posted a picture of herself with "no make-up, greasy hair, tired mum eye bags, bottom brace, un-plucked brows" to "celebrate my imperfections and embrace it all" and reject the "way out of control" Photoshopping of pictures.

The Loose Women ladies bravely opted to remove their make-up too at the end of Friday's show, with Price pulling off the offending eyelashes to cheers from the audience.

But fans on social media were quick to accuse them of "cheating".

Michelle Lavin wrote: "Only Katie and Nadia did it properly, Jane and Andrea still loads of eye makeup up. Cheats!"

Lucy Morris added: "Only Nadia looks make up free. The others don't even look close to it. Why bother If you're not going to do it properly?"

Another tweeted: "No make up?? None of them except Nadia Sawalha have removed anything other than the top layer."

Another questioned why they were making such a big deal out of the situation.

McLean, 46, admitted that her bare face made her feel "uncomfortable".

Comparing putting on make-up to a man wearing a suit and tie, she said: "I feel at work when I've got my work clothes on and my face of make-up and it made me feel quite uncomfortable, the feeling of taking it off in the workplace.

"I'm glad I did it because it does break down that barrier. We're at work, we're working women, but this is us."

Despite saying she was "not bothered" about wearing make-up, Moore, 53, only removed the foundation from one half of her face - the half that was facing away from the cameras.

She compared the make-up free selfie trend to "humblebragging" - an ostensibly modest statement that actually draws attention to something the person is proud of - to which Price laughed, "That's me, that's what I do!"

Price, who is known for her love of heavy, glamorous make-up, poked even more fun at herself as she joked about her cosmetically enhanced face.

Pretending to read out a tweet from a viewer, she said: "'Oh my god Kate, you look really fake with all that botox, your lips are this and that' - they haven't really said that, I'm making it up!"

Perhaps McLean had an excuse for not taking all her make-up off.

"I've got braces on, I need all the help I can get," she quipped.


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