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Katie Price's glam ambition for world of horse racing

Katie Price wants to bring "glamour" to the horse racing world.

Appearing beside a dyed-pink horse dressed as a unicorn, the reality TV star said it was her "dream" to go into racing and that she had been asked repeatedly by trainers to get into the sport.

Price was speaking at the launch of her latest reality TV show, Katie Price's Pony Club.

In the programme, she hosts a riding school for group of children, including her son Junior and daughter Princess.

The former Page 3 girl said: "My dream is to have a black race horse. And I would have to have all pink (outfit) - but I would be serious about it.

"Do you know how many trainers have said they want me to come into it so I can bring some glamour into racing? And I would. I know people laugh, but when I'm serious about something I do it."

But Price, who has ridden since she was seven, ruled out racing in an amateur event.

"They run about 40-45mph. Would I do it? I'm not so sure, it is a dangerous sport, racing."

Eight-year-old Junior hit back at his mum, saying: "I would do it. I can jump as high as you."

Price - who was dressed as a unicorn for the launch, as was husband Kieran and the children - added that she wanted to tackle sexism in the "snobby" horse industry.

She said: "First of all, Junior said 'oh no, mum, riding is for girls'. I said, 'actually Junior, most of the top riders are men and there are lots of men that do it'.

"It's just a completely different kind of reality show. When they see this programme on TV they'll see boys are in it. They're cool, they love their football, they love their sport. And they also love horse riding."

The TV star also revealed that she had been stopped from going to a horse polo event several years ago by sponsors Cartier.

"There was a polo event and I bought a table there. The night before they said I couldn't go, because I wasn't the right kind of person. But that was years ago - hopefully now they might let me go back."

:: Katie Price's Pony Club will air on TLC later this year.


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