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Katona having another girl, not boy

Kerry Katona has discovered that she is actually expecting another girl, not a baby boy as she had first thought.

The Atomic Kitten singer and mum-of-four had been told a second boy was on the way, but found out at her latest scan that she is preparing to welcome her fourth girl.

According to the Daily Mirror she told OK!: "I went for my 12-week scan and I was told there was an 86 per cent chance it was a boy and even though you can't properly tell until 20 weeks, we took it as a definite.

"Then when we went for our 20-week scan, the doctors told us it was a girl. We were just in shock

"I didn't believe it. It was funny, when they were trying to check the sex, the baby rolled over and held up two fingers on the scan!"

Kerry, 33, is already mum to Molly and Lilly Sue from her first marriage to Brian McFadden and Heidi and Maxwell from second husband Mark Croft.

Her fiance George Kay, father of the new baby, said: "We're having problems picking a girl's name. Mind you, we might pick the same name for our little girl as we'd chosen for the boy as it's a unisex name."

Kerry has been tweeting about her pregnancy developments so far.

She wrote: "Pregnancy Fairy, Pregnancy Fairy, how on earth did I get so hairy, my stretch marks itch, I'm a total b****, sometimes it gets quite scary!"

Later, she added: "WARNING: due to Uncontrolled Emotions of being Pregnant I am Not Responsible for Anyone That is Hurt Mentally Or physically During the 9 month period(:"


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