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Katy Perry makes Ellie Goulding her BFF for the night

Singer Ellie Goulding famously appeared in Katy’s rival Taylor Swift’s video Bad Blood, the song rumoured to be about the Roar singer.

Katy Perry made Ellie Goulding a part of her BRIT Awards party squad, and stepped on rival Taylor Swift’s toes again.

Katy and Ellie’s partying at the Universal and Soho House BRIT Awards afterparty made front page news, and according to Heat magazine, the brunette-turned-blonde singer made a beeline for Taylor’s pal after she spotted her at the party, summoning Ellie to her VIP enclosure to chat and dance.

Army singer Ellie and Taylor have been friends for years, with the British singer appearing in the American superstar’s Bad Blood video, and stepping in as support act at Taylor’s 2015 Hyde Park gig. But they haven’t been pictured together in months.

“They haven’t hung out in ages - I think Taylor doesn’t like that Ellie has stayed close to Adam (Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris),” a source told the British magazine. “Still I don’t think Tay will be pleased to see these pictures of Ellie with Katy.”

Katy and Taylor have a longstanding feud that goes back to 2014 when Taylor admitted in a magazine interview her hit song Bad Blood was about a rival who had “stolen her back-up dancers”, reputed to be Katy. The Fireworks singer’s response to Taylor’s shade was to tweet a Mean Girls reference, “Beware the Regina George in sheep’s clothing,” which sent the internet into a frenzy as the popstar’s fans got involved.

However, Katy’s closeness to Ellie isn’t coincidental claims the source, who adds she has been getting closer to the Burn singer after they previously met in Los Angeles.

“They’ve got a lot of mutual friends and Ellie gets on well with Katy’s boyfriend Orlando Bloom, too,” added the source.

Meanwhile it seems Katy’s not content to steal just one of Taylor’s friends. While she was in London, she also got chatty with another of Taylor’s closest buddies, singer Ed Sheeran.

Ed gatecrashed the singer’s BBC Radio 1 interview with Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw, and the pair became fast friends, as she ribbed him about his single Shape of You keeping her song Chained to the Rhythm keeping her off the top spot.

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