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Katy Perry talks pre-show anxiety

Katy Perry has revealed she is tempted to take beta blockers before she goes on stage to deal with her anxiety about making sure everyone has a good time.

The Roar singer - who played the O2 in London earlier this week - told Cosmopolitan magazine that she has thought about taking the medication to calm her nerves before shows.

According to The Sun, she told the magazine: "Sometimes I get so nervous, I want to take beta blockers.

"I think, 'I have to get through this. I can't let these people down.' But mostly I can't let myself down.

"I've been given a great opportunity. There are 500 b*****s behind me who will snatch my weave off my head if I don't kick-ball-change through this two-hour show."

The star faced extra pressure when Adele, who she is a big fan of, turned up to see her at one of her shows in London.

Someone Like You singer Adele headed backstage to meet Katy, who later posted a selfie of the two of them to her Instagram page and captioned it: "And on the 2nd LDN show the Queen graced me with her presence."

Katy's other famous guests at the O2 have included Niall Horan, Robert Pattinson, Florence Welch, Selena Gomez and Sam Smith.


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