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Katy Perry warns about 'living in a bubble' in new music video

Katy Perry cautions "living in a bubble" as she visits a dystopian theme park in her latest music video.

The video for Chained To The Rhythm shows people shuffling along in queues at retro-futuristic amusement park Oblivia, only to be hurled to their deaths from pastel-coloured rides with names such as The Great American Dream Drop and Bombs Away.

Perry roams the park where rollercoasters are missing pieces of track and candy-coloured houses dangle from strings as one ride catapults a couple over a wall.

The oblivious, social media-obsessed crowds all walk in the same step, and wait in long queues to run on the hamster wheel.

The singer, 32, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton during last year's US election, has described her new music as "purposeful pop".

Dressed in futuristic outfits and sporting pink hair, Perry sings: "So comfortable, we're living in a bubble, so comfortable, we cannot see the trouble" but is only broken from the spell when she pricks her finger on a rose thorn and when Skip Marley, the grandson of reggae star Bob Marley, emerges from a television to sing: "Break down the walls to connect, inspire/ Up in your high place, liars/ Time is ticking for the empire."

Perry debuted the track at the Grammy Awards last week and is due to perform at the Brit Awards tomorrow.

One fan on Twitter hailed it "a beautiful wake up call of a music video" while another wrote: "Can I just say that I am HERE for woke @katyperry."


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