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Katy Perry's Sesame Street revenge

Katy Perry has mocked her Sesame Street ban by flaunting her ample cleavage in a low-cut, tight Elmo T-shirt for a Saturday Night Live sketch.

The California Gurls singer filmed an appearance with Elmo, but Sesame Street bosses decided not to air it as they considered she was showing too much cleavage for a children's TV show.

Katy, 25, bounced onto the comedy sketch show at the weekend playing a 16-year-old library volunteer.

She was asked "What happened to your shirt? Looks like today's show was brought by the number 38 and the letters double D!"

Katy cupped her breasts in mock embarrassment and replied: "I guess I developed over the summer."

In the sketch, Katy was told her tight Elmo T-shirt and tiny skirt was a bit too much for the kids' storybook sessions.

Saturday Night Live comedy regulars Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler played talk show hosts discussing her need of a better bra, but they defended her.

Amy joked: "Who cares if kids are looking at boobs, all right? Boobs feed babies."

Maya added: "You do your thing at the library. The kids come for the boobs, they stay for the books, everybody wins."

Fiance Russell Brand also tweeted joking support for Katy, writing: "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sex-with-me Street?"


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