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Kelly brands Christina fat again

Kelly Osbourne has continued her feud with Christina Aguilera by branding her "fat" on television again.

The 26-year-old TV presenter used her position as critic on E!'s Fashion Police to hit out at The Voice judge when asked to comment on the black leotard and fishnet stockings ensemble she wore for the recent Michael Jackson tribute concert.

Kelly said: "She called me fat for years. I was never THAT fat."

Christina, 30, who gave birth to son Max in 2008, and Kelly - who recently revealed she was made miserable by her weight issues as a teenager - have enjoyed an ongoing feud for years.

Christina took part in a sketch at the MTV Europe Music Awards in November 2003, which showed her throwing darts at a photo of Kelly.

When she arrived on stage she mocked her Goth style, saying: "Oh Lord, I didn't realise it was still Halloween."

Kelly once said Christina's Christmas CD made her want to "stab myself".

The reality TV star - who spent years yo-yo dieting but has maintained a size six figure since early last year - also launched an expletive-fuelled rant claiming the Dirrty singer was "fat" on the E! fashion show in the summer.


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