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Kelly Osbourne: 'Mum put me in a mental institution over my drug use'

The TV personality is now sober.

Kelly Osbourne was once institutionalised to help her curb her drug use.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's daughter began using drugs when she was 13, and when her mother was battling cancer and her father was involved in a near-fatal all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident in 2003, she turned to substance abuse to cope with the drama in her life.

Kelly accompanied the Black Sabbath star to the hospital and watched as doctors and nurses worked to keep him alive, revealing she freaked out in the hospital as her dad flatlined in front of her and nurses pushed her out of the way.

She recalls the moment in her new memoir, There Is No F**king Secret: Letters From a Bada** B**ch, writing: "I didn't realize it right away, but the warmth I was feeling was actually my father's blood. I started to scream as the nurses shoved me out of the way. He flatlined in front of me."

Ozzy and Sharon made it through their difficult ordeals, but the stress weighed heavily on the 32-year-old and she turned to drugs in a big way.

"The only way I could even face my life was by opening that pill bottle, shaking out a few pills - or a handful - into my palm, and throwing them down my throat," she adds.

Kelly struggled with addiction issues for several years and went through four rehab treatments and six detox programmes, but a spell in a mental institution almost scared her straight.

"Mum once locked me in a mental institution for three days, and it scared the hell out of me," she continues. "I had to wear paper shoes, since I could potentially kill myself with a shoelace, and wasn't allowed to have anything metal, not even a spoon.

"I wasn't suicidal by medical standards, but I heard Mum's message loud and clear: stop using drugs before I was gone for good."

Kelly stayed sober for a while after her stay at the mental institution, but she subsequently began using drugs again and became suicidal. She has since beaten her drug addiction and learned how to cope with the issues that led to her substance abuse.

And she refuses to blame her famous dad, who has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for several years, or her lifestyle for her issues.

"I don't blame Dad for the fact that I ended up a drug user, nor do I blame growing up in the public eye," she writes. "For me, drugs were a coping mechanism that also fueled my self destruction."

"Now, I manage pain through creativity, friendship and self-care," she adds. "The crazier my life gets, the more focused I become on the things that make me feel good."

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