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Kelly Osbourne: 'Respect your private parts, girls'

The TV regular will forever be grateful for her time on Dancing With the Stars.

Kelly Osbourne could never leave the house without her underwear to spark a paparazzi stir because she has too much respect for her private parts.

The pop star-turned-TV personality squirms every time a young socialite flashes her vagina while getting out of a car, and insists she'll never be caught with her pants down.

"It's just another human body part that's been put on a pedestal...," she told Access Hollywood Live. "A lot of women use it in the wrong way and it doesn't help; it doesn't give you the self-esteem you think it is (sic). People have to have more respect for that part of the body.

"I'm not gonna be, like, one of those girls who gets out of a car and is like, 'Hi...' and they don't have any underwear on... I would literally die. I'm a daddy's girl; I walk into the house and if I have a low-cut top on my dad is like, 'Sort that out!'"

Kelly also opened up about her stint on U.S. TV show Dancing With the Stars, admitting she couldn't look at herself in a mirror before transforming her body on the programme, crediting her healthy outlook on life to her dance partner Louis Van Amstel.

"I will always credit Louis Van Amstel for teaching me about health, fitness... I couldn't look in a mirror before," she said. "All in all between going up and down it was about 60 pounds (I lost on the show).

"Who would have thought I could ballroom dance? I was broke, so I signed up for the show so I could move out of my parents' house. I thought I was gonna get voted off the first week and I'd lose a bit of weight. I had no idea that it would take me on a journey of self-discovery that would change my life forever."

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