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Kidman discusses family heartbreak

Nicole Kidman has said her family will be supporting each other as they spend their first Christmas without her father.

Dr Anthony Kidman died suddenly in September, following a fall while visiting Nicole's sister.

Nicole told Good Morning Britain: "We've had some terrible things happen this year in our family, we will be still holding tight to each other as that's all you can do at Christmas, hold tight to each other."

The actress, who put on a public display of affection with husband of eight years Keith Urban at the Paddington premiere, told the show how she kept her marriage fresh.

"We work really hard to keep our relationship alive and to keep it incredibly deep and intimate. That's from meeting in later life and coming together at a particular time that was serendipitous," she said.

"There's incredible possibility for love in the latter years. I sound like some old woman, a grandmother! Anyway it's good, I'm grateful."

Nicole also spoke of her home life, saying she loves to do the washing.

"I don't do the ironing, I have to admit," she confessed. "Even though as a kid that was my number one chore at home... I love washing clothes - everyone is like 'are you joking?'

"I love watching the dirty water coming out, I sound so OCD but I love seeing them get clean."

She admitted: "I'm not a cook, I love to be cooked for but I'm not very good."


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