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Kim Cattrall: ‘I’m a minority in Hollywood’

Kim Cattrall doesn’t see any point in making a sequel to Sex and the City as the show was representative of women in a particular “time and place”.

Kim Cattrall felt she became a minority in Hollywood when she turned 60.

The former Sex and the City star won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of man-eater Samantha Jones in the hit TV series, but now believes that as a woman of a certain age the potential for her to nab roles is greatly diminished.

“As an actress in Hollywood in your early 40s, things really start to slow down,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “You have an expiry date and if your birthday is in a certain place people are not wanting you – they want the new young thing... I am now a minority. I’m a woman of a certain age.”

But while Hollywood may be ageist, Kim refuses to change her point of view and claims that she wants to be sexual “for as long as I can”.

The Liverpool-born star adds that a big part of her decision to take on a part in new Canadian TV series Sensitive Skin was that she wanted to explore taboos around age.

“When I saw the original BBC show, it was exciting because I thought: ‘These are the thoughts that I’m having.’ Whenever I see a show that talks about thoughts, fears and exciting things that I can’t really put into words, that’s the kind of thing that is like a guide to the next part in your life – 50s and beyond,” she said.

While Kim continues to be pleased by the way in which Sex and the City tackled controversial topics, she doesn’t think there is any point in rebooting the franchise. Even though the programme covered ground in regards to sexuality and feminism, Kim thinks women haven’t different concerns now.

“I do feel it had its time and place... It’s gone beyond sexual freedom and identity and Manolo Blahniks. We’ve been there; we need to push through to the next frontier,” she insisted.

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