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Kim denies waxing baby eyebrows

Kim Kardashian has hit back after she was accused of waxing her six-month-old daughter's eyebrows.

Suggestions that the reality TV star had carried out the beauty procedure began to appear on Twitter when Kim posted a close-up photo of North online.

"Do people really think I would wax my daughter's eyebrows so young?" Kim said on Twitter.

"Come on, I'd wait until she's at least 2 1/2!

"I'm kidding!!! It's pretty sick for people to insinuate that I would wax my daughter's eyebrows. They are thick, natural, and amazing!"

Meanwhile, Kim has been offering beauty and fashion advice to new mums, telling them they need to pamper themselves.

She wrote on Mobio INsider: "Never lose time for you. Go to the gym, get a facial, or manicure to feel good so u can go home and be a good happy mom at home."

Asked about always being in the public eye, she said: "When I was pregnant it was hard. My face shape changed, my body changed and nothing in the tabloids were going to be nice. It was a negative time."


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