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Kim Kardashian and family rally behind Caitlyn Jenner in reality show I Am Cait

The first episode of Caitlyn Jenner's new reality show, I Am Cait, shows the Kardashian-Jenner clan rallying around her.

The show documents her life after her recent transition to living as a woman.

In the first episode, the 65-year-old admits: "Having that opportunity to just be honest with my family is like having a thousand pounds taken off my shoulders."

Jenner's famous stepdaughter Kim Kardashian also features on the show.

In one scene Kardashian phones to break the news of Jenner's record-breaking debut on Twitter, and says: "Just wanted you to know, I'm on the bandwagon."

Later, Jenner shows her around her walk-in wardrobe, saying: "I love this Tom Ford dress."

Kardashian laughs, commenting "Mom has that", while Jenner jokes: "I'd better wear it before she does".

Kylie Jenner also meets Caitlyn for the first time via video-chat, reassuring her: "You look pretty!"

The 17-year-old model later comes round to the house to meet Caitlyn in person for the first time, and sorts her out with green-dipped hair extensions.

The former athlete, known previously as Bruce Jenner, is most nervous about meeting her mother Esther for the first time post-transition.

Jenner's mother finds the transition difficult to accept, commenting: "I think he's a very good looking woman. He's still Bruce."

Jenner, who starred on the cover of Vanity Fair in June with the strapline Call Me Caitlyn, says: "It's great to be able to base a relationship with your family on honesty."

However, she explains that she felt lucky because "it's not been this way for everybody", and that she has a "tremendous responsibility" to speak about transgender issues because she has a public voice.

After talking to the mother of Kyler, a transgender 14-year-old who had recently killed himself, an emotional Jenner says: "Suicide is a permanent solution for a very temporary problem. I know how these kids can feel.

"I've had some very dark moments in my life and said: 'let's just end it right here'. No more pain, no more suffering. That struggle, it's real and I've been there."

But she adds: "I don't think I have ever been more excited about life than I am now, living my true identity."

I Am Cait airs on Sunday August 2 at 9pm on E!


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