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Kim Kardashian criticised for controversial back-to-school merchandise

Students can get hold of Kim Kardashian portable butt-shaped chargers, butt-shaped USBs and a butt mouse mat.

Kim Kardashian's cheeky back-to-school merchandise has raised more than a few eyebrows on Twitter.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has released her NSFW back-to-school range with racy items such as Post T*t Notes and a Send Nudes pin, but not everyone approves of her new stock.

Twitter users have been posting on the social media site their shock and confusion over the collection, which also includes a number of items that highlight Kim's famous derriere, such as a portable bottom-shaped charger, butt-shaped USBs and a butt mouse mat.

There is also a selfie pen which features a picture of Kim nude, with her private parts blurred out, though it doesn't really leave anything to the imagination.

The products are aimed at college students, with other stereotypical items such as rolling papers and a "still drunk from yesterday" hip flask.

The website does clearly state that no one under the age of 18 can purchase the items, however social media went crazy when Kim shared the link to the new collection with her 55 million followers on Twitter.

"I don't think my school would let me in wearing that," one student replied to Kim.

"Sorry honey... I don't want my kids having a butt on their backpack," a parent declared. "And besides that, the pack is ugly."

"What the f**k have I just seen? If anyone buys their daughter this you should be ashamed," wrote another angry user.

Others stated they simply didn’t understand why anyone would buy the merchandise.

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