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Kim shared wedding news with North

Kim Kardashian has revealed how she broke the news of her engagement to Kanye West to their daughter, North.

Rapper Kanye recently popped the question to his reality TV star girlfriend at the AT&T Park in San Francisco, which he had hired out for his proposal, complete with a 50-piece orchestra.

Kim told E! News how she had let her baby daughter know that her parents would be getting married.

She said of her engagement ring: "It's been on all the time. It's been on when I'm at the gym. It's been on everywhere.

"I took it off and put it on [North]. We brought it to her right after and told her."

Kim added: "I'm extremely happy. It's where I am at in my life and I hope people can see that because it's what's going on with me right now."

Kanye has also referred to Kim as his fiancee for the first time when he dedicated a song about their relationship, Bound 2, to her at a concert in California.

He said: "You know what song this is, right? I want to sing this song to the birthday girl that's back there right now, my fiancee.

"If you came with somebody that you love tonight, hold on so tight. What I'm trying to say is it's hard to find you."

He added: "Sometimes I'm feeling like I had a second chance in life. 'Cause I remember in my career early on when I could have lost my life."


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