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King: I tripped Mark up pre-skate

Dancing On Ice reject Oona King has revealed she was "traumatised" after her skating partner Mark Hanretty dislocated his shoulder live on TV.

The politician is the latest star to be booted off the ITV1 show after the judges voted to save former rugby star Gareth Thomas over her in the skate-off.

But before her survival skate, there was drama as Mark fell and injured himself, and Oona reckons she tripped him up by accident.

She told Daybreak: "I just have to let the nation understand that it was me who tripped him up. He's a pro skater - he did nothing wrong. I didn't know what happened, he was just on the floor but I'd taken an extra step - you just need to put one foot out of step on the ice and..."

After Mark's tumble, there were a few tense moments until his shoulder was put back in place and he and Oona could skate as planned. But the incident left Oona shaken.

She said: "It was a shame because I really wanted to do that skate. I loved the dance, because Mark is an amazing choreographer and he'd done a beautiful dance, and I really wanted to do it. But after seeing his shoulder come out I was basically traumatised.

"I was scared to lean on him, to push on him, my legs had turned to jelly. I mean it was just quite scary."

Oona, who is known for losing her Bethnal Green seat to Respect leader George Galloway, added: "I loved learning to ice skate so much. I'm sad I didn't get the chance to skate as well as I know I could have, but it's just the way the cookie crumbles."


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