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Kirstie's new countryside home show

Kirstie Allsopp is set to front a new property show persuading city dwellers to swap urban life for the countryside.

Best Of Both Worlds will air on Channel 4 hosted by the Location, Location, Location presenter and will sell life in the sticks to city-loving home buyers.

Property expert Kirstie's show is also joined by another new addition to the channel which tests out homemade health remedies called Health Freaks.

A panel of GPs will be presented with DIY "cures", such as the use of breast milk to cure infections and an oatmeal bath for psoriasis and if they believe that the remedy could work, they can send them for trials or laboratory tests to examine whether they have any medicinal value.

Channel 4 features commissioning editor Nick Hornby said of Health Freaks: "GPs are frequently faced with self-medicating patients but rarely have the chance to examine the hand-me-down remedies that these patients swear by.

"The series will offer our DIY remedy pitchers and the GPs the chance to subject them to further investigation to help establish the facts both for the DIY remedy pitchers themselves and for the wider audience."

The broadcaster said: "From breast milk curing infections and an oat bath that tackles psoriasis to the old building site favourite - WD40 to 'cure' achy joints, Health Freaks will investigate the efficacy of some of the country's oddest and most widely known home remedies".

The six-part series will broadcast in the autumn while Best Of Both Worlds will be screened next year.


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