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Klass takes mould of her belly

Myleene Klass has got plastered - without touching a drop of drink.

The TV presenter has covered herself in plaster to make a mould of her pregnant belly - and posted the pic on Twitter.

"Getting completely plastered today!", she wrote on the social networking site.

She then added: "Chaos. Plaster got stuck down the sink. Cue flood ..."

Myleene, 32, who already has a three-year-old daughter Ava, is expecting her second girl with partner Graham Quinn later this month.

She recently told Now! magazine she has been eating lots of cheese, peanut butter, Marmite - and tangerines to satisfy her cravings.

She told the mag: "Ava's been talking to her new sister through my belly button, saying good morning and goodnight every day.

"She can't wait to meet her sister, which is a change from when she first found out and told the doctor she wanted a rabbit."


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