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Konnie Huq: I want two more babies

Konnie Huq has spoken of her love for her seven-week-old son - and said she wants to have two more babies.

The former Blue Peter presenter showed off pictures and videos of little Covey on her phone, gazing at the screen and even kissing it adoringly, after hosting The Prince's Trust Spring Ball at The Hurlingham Club in Putney, south west London.

Konnie, married to writer and presenter Charlie Brooker, revealed: "I want to have three. He's a really good baby. Everyone said: 'Your life will end when you have a baby, you won't be able to go out'.

"But me and Charlie didn't have much of a life anyway so we're doing everything we'd usually do, but there's a baby in the corner. We just watch a lot of DVDs.

"Me and Charlie just look at him for ages. We just watch him, his expressions and these weird and wonderful noises he makes. He's addictive.

"You don't understand how happy you get, and you can't quite understand why - it's not logical. He interrupts your sleep, but you just love him so much."

The Prince's Trust ambassador, who wore an elegant nude and black Karen Millen dress to the star-studded bash, also explained how she and her husband came up with their baby's name.

"We just made it up!" she admitted. "We were just going through all of the different names. We thought Kofi sounded like Kofi Annan, Kobe was like Kobe Bryant - and then we thought that Covey sounded alright."


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