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Kristen Bell: 'I'm an inadequate friend'

The star gets otherworldly for her new sitcom The Good Place

Actress Kristen Bell is unimpressed with her friendship skills and is often left feeling completely inadequate.

The 36-year-old Frozen star admits when it comes to camaraderie, there are definitely qualities she is lacking.

"I have a really good group of friends in L.A.," she explains during a Television Critics Association press panel for her new sitcom The Good Place. "I'm constantly amazed at their desire to be fun-loving and cultured and to help other people. So, yes, I feel inadequate in my friendships."

Kristen is currently promoting her forthcoming fantasy TV comedy The Good Place, in which she portrays a woman named Eleanor who finds herself in a heaven-like realm in the afterlife, but her presence in the zone is some type of technical glitch because she was far from kind while alive.

Kristen's persona Eleanor did quite mischievous deeds before dying, such as selling bunk pills to the elderly and stealing, but despite the reprehensible behaviour, the actress finds something quite authentic and endearing about her character.

"The characteristics that Eleanor displays when she gets to The Good Place (are) not malicious," she explains. "They're not evil. She's been living by the guideline: Isn't this every man for himself? Shouldn't I put myself first? Her road to (being) a good person is learning how to incorporate other people into her world view."

"What I love most about Eleanor is the fact that she just lets her tongue loose," Kristen adds. "She has no edit or tact. She just says what she's thinking, what she's feeling, at all times. The great thing about it is it's usually also inarguable. (But) it's not necessarily the kindest thing to say in the moment."

The Good Place, also starring Ted Danson, premieres on America's NBC network on 19 September (16).

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