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Kutcher's good deed for strangers

Ashton Kutcher has played the good Samaritan by coming to the rescue of a stranded driver.

The Two And A Half Men star pulled over and stopped to help the motorist and his friends when their car battery died during a hiking excursion in the Hollywood hills, reported

Ashton asked them if he could help jump start their car, but only after he dropped off his passenger at home.

The 36-year-old actor kept this word and returned minutes later. He tried to start the battery, although he had initial trouble finding the battery in his own car - a Lexus.

Footage posted online shows the No Strings Attached actor using his mobile phone as a flashlight to look under the car bonnet before asking one of the group to search the internet.

He later admitted: "I've never f***ing not been able to find a battery in a car."

Ashton's good deed came after he enjoyed a brunch date with pregnant fiancee Mila Kunis and some friends in Los Angeles.


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