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Kyle MacLachlan admires actors who look 'real' on screen

Twin Peaks stars Kyle MacLachlan selects projects based on a "certain criteria".

Kyle MacLachlan admires actors who are willing to show their "real" bodies on screen.

The actor has had a varied career since moving to Hollywood in 1984, nabbing roles in David Lynch's Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City, as well as movies Dune and Blue Velvet.

When it comes to stripping off on screen, Kyle does his best to stay in shape if he’s ever required to flaunt his physique for a role. But he admires those actors who can shed their clothes at a moment’s notice – and look authentic while doing so.

"Fear is a great motivator to stay in shape," he told Britain’s Esquire magazine. "A shirtless scene is a great motivator. Or naked scenes. Some people don't care. My hat is off to them. Jason Segel, I admire him. Will Ferrell – go, man! Because they look real."

The 58-year-old is currently appearing in the revival of Twin Peaks, where he reprises his FBI agent character Dale Cooper. While the TV series draws on elements of crime drama and the supernatural, Kyle claims that Dale remains one of his favourite characters to play.

“There is a lot in him that is similar to me: his enthusiasm for coffee, Douglas firs and doughnuts. He tries to figure out who people are before he makes a judgment about them. He's the eccentric in the middle of an even crazier world, but he's your point person. He's all you've got going on," he shared.

While the actor has found commercial success with his more high-profile TV shows, he admits that he hasn't always picked the right projects. In particular, Kyle points to his role in 1995's Showgirls as being quite the misstep.

"I go where the role is. It has to has to fulfill certain criteria," he explained. "Those criteria shift sometimes, depending on the bank account – which explains some of my choices over the years."

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