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Kylie Platt is brutally murdered on Weatherfield's cobbles


David's (Jack P Shepherd) last few moments with his wife Kylie Platt (Paula Lane)

David's (Jack P Shepherd) last few moments with his wife Kylie Platt (Paula Lane)

David's (Jack P Shepherd) last few moments with his wife Kylie Platt (Paula Lane)

Coronation Street's Kylie Platt met her grisly fate on Friday night as it was revealed she was brutally murdered on Weatherfield's famous cobbles.

The young mum was stabbed by thug Clayton after going to the aid of cafe worker Gemma, just minutes after announcing to friends and family that she and her family were emigrating to Barbados in search of a fresh start.

Viewers saw Kylie, played by Paula Lane, dramatically breathe her last in the arms of husband David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) as the sirens announced the arrival of an ambulance, leaving him screaming into the air.

The first of Friday's two episodes saw Kylie buy champagne at the Rovers Return to toast their future move to the Caribbean, before spotting Clayton knocking Gemma to the ground after trying to rob the kebab shop where she works.

In their ensuing tussle he stabbed her with a small knife, before Clayton fled the scene.

Kylie then ran down around the corner and came across David before collapsing in his arms.

She told him: "It was great, wasn't it, we were great." Paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

It was left to David to tell her children Max and Lily that she is not coming home.

He told them: "There was an accident. She didn't suffer or anything but she'd died. She is in heaven now, ok?"

Kylie's death had been a closely guarded secret before Friday's double dose of the popular soap.

Shepherd, who has played David for 16 years, said filming the Kylie death scenes took a toll.

The 28-year-old actor revealed before the episodes were aired that he cried when he read the scripts for the first time.

The Leeds-born actor said: "When the cameras stopped filming, I couldn't stop crying. The tears were very real."

He added: "The script is superb - every word, every moment of the scene was exactly right. They are the most moving scenes I have ever had to film.

"In rehearsal, I just had to speak the lines and not look at anyone as I didn't want to let my emotions take over too soon."

Shepherd also said Kylie's death will see a return of the rebellious David that viewers love to hate.

"David has to try and keep it together for the sake of the children, but he wants to blame someone for what has happened," Shepherd said.

"He is angry at the world. He and Kylie were so close to having the perfect life and now he is a single dad and a widower.

"He is lashing out and behaving in a way which really starts to worry his family."

Shepherd continued: "There is a lot more drama in the coming months as David struggles to come to terms with losing Kylie."

Lane has played Corrie favourite Kylie since 2010.

During her six years on the cobbles, she was at the centre of some high profile storylines, including the murder of evil Callum Logan (Sean Ward) in the 2015 live episode.