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Labrinth: Writer's block is tough

Labrinth has confessed he's been suffering from a dose of writer's block.

The Electronic Earth singer - who is just back from Paris after filming the video for upcoming single Express Yourself - admitted he was struggling to find the perfect lyrics for some new material.

"I'm getting writer's block now. I can't think of what to say," he revealed.

"I think it's just when your mind is a little bit too busy, so what I do is I just meditate, I just calm down and let the words come to me, and stop thinking too much."

The 23-year-old - who is helping launch Spotify for iPad - explained that Express Yourself, his version of Charles Wright's 1970 anthem, is a particularly personal song.

"I just thought I would do my own version because for me it kind of takes me back - it's almost like having that picture that you take away from home, to remember those times you had when you were younger," he added.

"For me that was a record that was played when I was growing up, so it was a nice little tribute to say, 'Hello mum, hello brothers and sisters, I miss you, here's a little record for you'."

And Labrinth revealed the thinking behind the song's self-deprecating lyrics.

"I'm a very odd kid and I don't speak the best, I'm not perfect, that's basically what I'm saying in this record - I can be an imperfect perfect, and that's basically what my records are like, that's how I am as a person and I'm confident with that," he added.

:: Express Yourself is due for release on May 9. The Spotify blog is at


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