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Lacey takes turn in live musical

Lacey Turner made her post-EastEnders debut in BBC Three musical Frankenstein's Wedding at the weekend.

The 22-year-old actress appeared opposite Andrew Gower as her scientist fiance Frankenstein and David Harewood as his monster in the live broadcast from Kirkstall Abbey.

Lacey, whose character Stacey Branning was a key character in the EastEnders live episode last year, said: "My message to everyone has been: don't panic and try to enjoy every last second of the performance, because it goes so fast."

The former soap star looked radiant in a white satin gown as bride-to-be Elizabeth Lavenza at the beginning of the live music, dance and drama show on Saturday.

But Frankenstein's monster became jealous and attacks Elizabeth, leaving Lacey covered in blood as the show came to a gory and tragic end.


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