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Lacey Turner wins National Television Award 'after voting for rival'

EastEnders star Lacey Turner was voting for somebody else to win the National Television Award she scooped, her co-star Danny Dyer has revealed.

The actress scored the serial drama performance prize for her portrayal of Stacey Slater's battle with post-partum psychosis.

However, she was voting for Emmerdale star Danny Miller to take home the gong, according to Dyer.

He said: "I'm so proud of Lacey, she is too good for her own good. I've told her to be shitter.

"She was voting for Danny Miller, insane behaviour."

Clutching her award backstage, Turner added: "I was so sure I was staying in my seat. It was a bit of a shock.

"It is so lovely to be supported and to be able to go away and come back and have the same amount of love is phenomenal.

"I'm hoping Stacey will have a happier year since she's been through so much. They have lots of surprises planned and some brilliant stories."


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