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Lady Gaga accepts Piers Morgan's invitation to talk about PTSD


Lady Gaga claims she has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder since being sexually assaulted

Lady Gaga claims she has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder since being sexually assaulted

Lady Gaga claims she has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder since being sexually assaulted

Lady Gaga has agreed to be interviewed by Piers Morgan after he challenged her claims that she has post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Good Morning Britain host has dismissed the American singer's claims that she suffers from the condition following a sexual assault as "vain-glorious nonsense".

She revealed her PTSD diagnosis for the first time in a segment on US breakfast show Today earlier this month.

Talking to young people at a shelter for LGBT youth about how she uses meditation to help her "calm down", she said: "I have a mental illness and I struggle with that mental illness every day.

"I suffer from PTSD. I've never told anyone that before."

Tweeting a link to a story about Gaga's PTSD announcement, Morgan said: " No, soldiers returning from battlefields do. Enough of this vain-glorious nonsense."

In a reply to comment on his post, he added: "I come from a big military family. It angers me when celebrities start claiming 'PTSD' about everything to promote themselves."

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He also appeared to suggest that he was sceptical about both Gaga and Madonna's claims that they have been sexually assaulted, telling a follower: "No. Lady Gaga & Madonna have both made ALLEGATIONS of rape many years after the event. No police complaint, no charges, no court case."

He added: " I don't think all claims of rape should be necessarily accepted as fact without proper criminal investigation, do you?"

Gaga wrote to Morgan on Twitter, offering to educate him on why women do not go to the police about their assaults, saying: " I've work w/ our VP Joe Biden on helping educate people about why women don't report, would love to share it w/ you some time.

"Would also love to talk with you about PTSD, that it's not just a 'military' disorder. There is a mental health youth epidemic.

"If anyone in your family suffers from it, I pray they have more good days than bad. It has affected me & my whole family."

Morgan replied: "I know numerous soldiers with PTSD, it's a very serious thing. I also know people who claim to have it but clearly don't. Let's talk..."

After Gaga agreed to an interview, the TV host wrote: "I rather admire @ladygaga for agreeing to an interview after my criticisms. Should be a fascinating debate. I'll press my meat suit."

However, the singer did not see the funny side to his quip, throwing their meeting into jeopardy by writing: "if you continue to shame me in the process of kindly agreeing to interview w/ u I'll happily do the interview with someone else."

He appeared to have saved the situation however, conceding: " OK. If you're big enough to do this, I'm big enough to play fair too."

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