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Lancashire not planning Last Tango

Sarah Lancashire has admitted she loves Last Tango In Halifax so much that she would work on it even for a couple of lines a day.

The actress stars in the BBC drama by Sally Wainwright, which is due back on our screens this weekend, and spoke about how much she loved being a part of the writer's projects.

She said: "It's a joy doing Tango. I'd do it 'til the day I die, frankly. It's so beautifully written, I'd turn up to read two lines a day just to be part of this piece."

Sarah won the Best Supporting Actress Bafta for her role in the series earlier this year and said: "What a lovely thing, to have your work recognised by your peers, but it was a big shock and wasn't expected.

"It's nice to celebrate other people's achievements as well. A lot of work goes into making good pieces of work... Sally's sitting down writing [the second series of] Happy Valley now, and will be on that for God knows how many months. That's a huge part of her life."

Sarah also stars in Happy Valley as police sergeant Catherine Cawood, a woman still coming to terms with the rape and death of her daughter, while being hounded by psychopath Tommy (James Norton).

She said of the second series: "Right now, I'm not thinking about it, because I don't know what the story is. I have absolutely no idea what Sally has in store for me, but I'm bracing myself.

"Having two of Sally's projects, it doesn't get much better, does it?"

:: Last Tango In Halifax returns to BBC One on Sunday, December 28.


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