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Langford's fond Doctor Who memories

Bonnie Langford says she'd like to return to Doctor Who - because her character would now be "more rounded".

The actress played Mel in the sci-fi show, who travelled with both Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.

Asked if she'd reprise her role, the former Dancing On Ice contestant said: "I'd love it because I might get a few lines other than, 'Oh Doctor!' That was what I was always like.

"Now the companions are rounded characters, which is always so much more fun to play. But I had a good time doing it."

She added: "I have good memories of the people I worked with. The show used to attract an amazing cast.

"When you look all the notable people who've been guests on that programme over the years, it's quite extraordinary. It's a legend, a national treasure."

The dancer, actress and singer, who is taking part in the UK's biggest dance event Move It, said: "What I'm concerned about these days is that talent shows, although they're great, are more about selling a lifestyle, and that lifestyle, quite frankly, doesn't exist.

"I worry that young people want to be rich and famous, but don't realise they have to do something - and that rich and famous ain't all it's cracked up to be!"


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