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Laura glad to be dowdy on Downton

Downton Abbey star Laura Carmichael has insisted she is happy to play the dowdy sister on the hit show.

The actress - who stars as Lady Edith Crawley alongside her more attractive sibling Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) - told Love magazine she would feel under pressure if she was a sex symbol.

Laura said: "I think it must be so hard to start your career with everyone going on about how gorgeous you are. To be in that bracket must be so pressurised."

Instead the TV star finds fans are surprised by how much better she looks when they meet her.

She revealed: "I am so lucky to be doing this job. And I probably end up with more confidence than anyone because when people meet me they say, 'Oh, you're nowhere near as dowdy as we thought you were,' or, 'Oh my God, you look so fat and old on TV but you're not like that at all.'

"I think they think I'm going to be really thrilled to hear that. I just smile and say thank you."


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