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Laura Whitmore backs campaign to liberalise abortion laws in Northern Ireland

Laura Whitmore
Laura Whitmore
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

Reality television presenter Laura Whitmore has lent her voice to the campaign to liberalise abortion laws in Northern Ireland.

Wicklow-born Ms Whitmore said she was proud of the changes in the Irish Republic and has asked the public to support the campaign for similar laws on this side of the border.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Ms Whitmore said: "Last year we repealed the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution.

"Those states in America effectively banning abortions are taking away women's rights. And while we've seen high profile folk boycott Georgia, let's not forget Northern Ireland.

"In Northern Ireland, women are quite literally treated as criminals for accessing a basic health care service freely available to women in the rest of the UK and now Ireland.

"To mark the anniversary of Ireland repealing its abortion law last month, Amnesty International UK projected images of a huge heart with the message 'Now For Northern Ireland' on to buildings in London, Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow."

She added: "But let's not stop there. Let's show people in Northern Ireland that we're on their side. Everyone can get involved - by tweeting or Instagramming, sharing the #NowForNI heart image, supporting organisations like Amnesty UK which are campaigning for Northern Ireland abortion rights, or emailing your MP to ask the UK Government to reform the law. I'm standing with the women of Northern Ireland.

"Our fight is your fight, and your fight is ours."

However, Marion Woods from Both Lives Matter said any change to Northern Ireland's laws was a matter for devolved government here.

Ms Woods said: "Ms Whitmore is not from Northern Ireland so she doesn't understand the context of Northern Ireland and if she did her research she would find there are 100,000 lives being lived today because we value both the mother and the unborn child.

"Any discussion about the law in Northern Ireland is a matter for the people through their elected representatives to decide and not 'celebrities' from outside the country who have no right or ability to impact on our law."

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