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Laurie hates how he looks on screen

Hugh Laurie has said he cannot bear to watch himself on screen, despite being one of Britain's most successful actors.

The Blackadder star, 55, has enjoyed huge success in the US for his Golden Globe-winning performance in House.

But the Daily Mirror reported that he needs at least 10 years after a show has aired before he can look at it.

"I hate, hate, hate, hate it, but it's always been that way," the actor was quoted as saying.

"I can't stand myself on voicemail or anything. I hate the way I sound and hate the way I look."

The star, who has released two albums, added: "I am resigned to perpetual discontent."

Hugh, who will be back on the big-screen next year with Tomorrowland, added: "Usually I need about 10 years to go by and then I can look back on something and I go, well, that was OK."


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