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Lemon: I'm like new Jim'll Fix It

Keith Lemon has revealed he wants to be the new Jimmy Savile.

The Celebrity Juice star's new show Lemonaid sees him doing good deeds for people, such as allowing one of his young fans to be him for a day, finding people to staff a pet shop so the couple who own it could enjoy a day out, and finding a vehicle large enough for a 7ft tall man to drive.

Keith said: "I'm like Jim'll Fix It but I'm better looking and I've got nicer hair. I'm a superhero without tights and a cape."

The comedy character - famed for his dirty humour on quiz show Celebrity Juice - said he hoped the new show would make him look like a good person.

Keith joked: "It makes you look like you've got a soul, like when Cheryl Cole went to Afghanistan to the Army troops. It made her look good didn't it? I think I'm a good person and I am trying to help especially as people think I'm not nice because I'm horrible to Fearne Cotton on Celebrity Juice."

:: Keith Lemon's Lemonaid continues on Saturdays on ITV1.


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