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Lena Dunham: 'Feminism doesn't discriminate'

Lena Dunham won't let her views about new U.S. President Donald Trump stop her fight for feminism.

Lena Dunham will continue fighting for the rights of all women, regardless of whether or not they share her political views.

The 30-year-old actress was backing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to win the U.S. presidential role during November's (16) election, and, like so many other people, was left devastated when Republican Donald Trump emerged victorious.

Lena has also made it her mission to advocate for women's rights, and told People as she attended the premiere of the tenth and final season of hit show Girls on Thursday (02Feb17) that she doesn't discriminate in who she fights for when it comes to the feminist movement.

“We are still fighting for you as a group,” she vowed. "I think it’s really important that even though we live in a culture where obviously so many of us are so disappointed that 53 per cent of white women voted for Donald Trump, I think you have to keep voting for the rights of people, whether you agree or disagree with them.

"To me, a huge part of feminism is that even if those women don’t share our values, we’re still for them and we’re still fighting for a country where they’re safe."

Lena's close friend Jenni Konner, with whom she worked on Girls and also runs her Lenny Letter, added: "I can’t beat that, that’s perfect."

Lena's remarks backed up what she said during her TimesTalk discussion the previous night (01Feb17), when she told the audience: "The thing that I want to say is that even women who don’t like this show, even women who voted for Trump, even women who don’t identify with needing the services of Planned Parenthood, we are still fighting for you as a group."

The event in New York City also saw Lena admit she had pushed "the boundaries of professionalism" when she started on Girls, and made out with a guest star on the show.

She recalled: "I did make out with a day player actor on our show in the first season... I was like, 'You've been on set for eight hours. You seem interested in me and my power. I would love to go to the 11th Street Bar with you'.

"Then I kind of got there (and) I was like, 'Oh wow, this person doesn't even think I'm cute!' He's just like, 'She runs a TV show and I'm an actor'. I was like, 'This is a nightmare. I've inadvertently become the grossest male producer'."

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