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Lena Dunham struggled with sexual feelings after assault

The actress had a difficult time fantasising about sex.

Lena Dunham struggled with her feelings towards sex following an alleged rape incident when she was in college.

In the Girls star's autobiography, Not That Kind of Girl, Lena recalled the sexual assault during her time at Oberlin College in Ohio over 10 years ago, and now she explains it left her struggling to enjoy sex and being able to fantasise about it.

"A therapist once told me that a hallmark of trauma is losing the ability to fantasize," she writes in an essay titled One Of A Kind for her Lenny Letter blog. "The space where possibility was is now filled to the brim with disruptive and painful reality.

"After my assault, all I could imagine when I thought about sex was not being injured or, when I really didn't like myself, being very injured. That's all there was room for."

The actress reveals she has spent the past few years trying to figure out what she wants out of a sexual relationship.

"Like an amnesia patient trying to piece my old life back together, I look back on the fantasies that propelled my solitary teenage lust and I wonder what I'd want now, at age 30, if I were unloosed upon the dating world and presenting a completely new me to someone who had zero relationship to my trauma," she adds.

But the actress, who has been dating rocker Jack Antonoff for years, insists her outlook on sex has changed - and now she's encouraging all women to take the lead when it comes to intimacy in order to get exactly what they want.

"What if every time you f**k... you say exactly what it is that you want?" she writes. "You move the hands on your body to the place you need them to be so that you can get off? What if you take control of systems that were put in place a very long time ago to keep you from getting off?"

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