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Lennie James works hard at US drawl

Lennie James has admitted he has to work really hard to keep up an American accent.

The Line Of Duty star is currently filming a US adaptation of Channel 4 drama Low Winter Sun, in which he plays a Detroit cop. The Nottingham-born actor revealed while some of his British friends find accents easy, he does not.

Lennie said: "It's something I've had to work at. I have friends out here (in America), for whom it comes a lot easier.

"Jason Isaacs is a very dear friend of mine, and he's been in and out of America both on films and on television for a number of years, and he has a capacity for taking on other accents, not just specific American accents, but British accents, and he's just got a rare skill at being able to do it.

"I work as hard as I possibly can to make it seem it's as easy for me as it is for him, but it's really not. I just have to put the work in."

The Walking Dead star explained how Low Winter Sun had been adapted for the US.

Lennie revealed: "We're doing the first 10 episodes at the moment. It's a reworking of a two-parter that Mark Strong and Brian McCardie and a few other guys did back in Britain, set in Edinburgh.

"Our version is the story of two Detroit cops, myself and Mark Strong, who kill another cop, and it's about the reasons they kill him; it's about the effect that that murder has on them as police officers; on the other officers in their unit who are investigating the killing they have committed, and also the effect that the death of that police officer has on Detroit's underworld, and on Detroit as a whole."

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