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Lenska book prompted by Waterman

Rula Lenska has said ex-husband Dennis Waterman's Piers Morgan interview was the catalyst for writing her new book.

The former Coronation Street actress had been vilified by many when she claimed her ex-husband had hit her in the past, but was vindicated when he admitted in an interview with the chat show host that he had done it.

Rula said of her new autobiography: "I wanted to let people know that my life is much more than my life with Mr Waterman and Big Brother and Corrie.

"The catalyst was also Dennis' very bizarre comments on the Piers Morgan show, which I found extraordinary. For me, it was a relief because I'd been called a liar for a long time and whatever made him admit it I have no idea. I can't believe he didn't realise what he was saying.

"Of course I'm pleased to be exonerated after so much time, but it did its harm then, a long time ago. There were a lot of people who chose to believe him and not me."

Rula explained she thought so many people had believed him initially because he was so well connected.

She said: "He had a lot of powerful people in the business and a lot of public and people in the media seemed to be on his side, which I could never quite understand, but I've moved on."

Rula: My Colourful Life by Rula Lenska is published by The Robson Press, priced £20. Available now.


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