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Lettice welcomes Cowell criticism

Britain's Got Talent finalist Lettice Rowbotham has said she was happy for Simon Cowell to criticise her semi-final performance as not being one of her best.

The violinist got through to the show's finale as the runner up in her semi-final and said she planned to work hard on her act before next week's showdown.

She said: "I was really grateful to Simon. I love having constructive criticism. I think it's important to have people tell you the truth and I'm totally behind what he said.

"I think I've got so much more that I could change and do better with and that semi-final, I tried to play my best but looking back it wasn't everything I've got. I thought it was at the time, but looking back I've got to change so much, there is so much more that I can do."

Lettice was up against Northern Irish dancers Innova for the second finals place as Bars and Melody had already gone through, but after the judges' vote went to deadlock, she progressed thanks to the public vote.

She said of waiting for the decision: "I felt like the most vulnerable person in the whole world. I've never felt so standing on eggshells. I was standing there going, 'My life is either going to go this way or that way and they're both very different'."

Talking about her success so far, she added: "I can't describe it. It's better than a dream because it's not a dream, it's actually happening, it's real. It's amazing. I have to keep checking it's real."

The Britain's Got Talent final is on June 7.


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