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Lewis: We bonded at Streep's house

Juliette Lewis has revealed that the cast of August: Osage County spent a week living as a family before filming started and that Meryl Streep even wanted them to move in together.

The actress plays one of Meryl's character's daughters in the Oscar-nominated film and said that they had taken bonding as a family seriously in preparing for their roles.

She said: "We had a good week where we spent together and we told stories of family, different family stories of our friends, of ourselves, and everybody was really willing to dig deep and really give to do their best work in this movie.

"Meryl Streep wanted us all to live in a house together, but they couldn't find a house big enough, so we lived in these identical little condos and we would go to Meryl's at night and have pot luck dinners and run our lines... we would just hang out at Meryl's and share stories. It was pretty great."

Juliette added that there had been tough competition to get a part in the film.

Asked what made her say yes to the role, she replied: "Said yes? I coveted this. All these roles except for Meryl's and Julia's were up for grabs, so everybody worked their hardest to get these really juicy parts.

"It was a really big deal when I got this job, I felt really excited, kind of like when I first got Cape Fear, I knew it was something special like that."

She continued: "I feel like it's a new chapter in my career and I really admire Meryl Streep for that reason because she's had all different chapters in her career trajectory.

"Even though I don't think that intellectually about a career, you just sort of follow your heart, I was really happy this came along."

August: Osage County is released on January 24.


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