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Liam Neeson: Lily Allen dedicates song 'F*** You' to star embroiled in race row

Lily Allen (PA)
Lily Allen (PA)
Sarah Tulloch

By Sarah Tulloch

Singer Lily Allen dedicated a performance of her expletive-ridden hit 'F*** You' to Liam Neeson, who has found himself at the centre of a race storm after controversial comments made in an interview.

Allen made her thoughts on the racism row clear as she closed her gig with the rendition at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday.

“Normally, I dedicate this song to Donald Trump,” she told the audience, “but tonight I’m dedicating it to Liam Neeson.”

The Ballymena man sparked controversy after he said he had walked the streets armed with a cosh, hoping he would be approached by “a black b*****d” so that he could kill him.

He was seeking revenge after a friend said she was raped and said after a week the anger subsided and he was appalled at his bahaviour. He said he was no racist and would have been searching for anyone who matched the description of his friend's attacker.

Allen's song includes the lyrics: “You’re just some racist who can’t tie my laces / Your point of view is medieval.”

After the show, the Smile singer wrote on Instagram that she didn't believe Neeson's anecdote.

“I don’t know a woman who hasn’t been harassed and I have NEVER heard of an instance where a man has actually gone out to defend her honour. It just doesn’t happen,” she wrote.

Allen's performance followed news of the red carpet cancellation at the New York premiere of Neeson's latest film Cold Pursuit a couple of hours before it was supposed to start.

The cancellation came hours after Neeson appeared on Good Morning America to address his comments, telling interviewer Robin Roberts that he is not a racist.

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