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Liam Neeson reckons Northern Ireland people think he's an eight or nine in fame game

But Taken star says that New Yorkers "don't give a f**k about him".

Liam Neeson has said that people in Northern Ireland think he's an eight or nine in the fame game - but New Yorkers "don't give a f**k" about him".

The Ballymena-born man said when he's back home, people are more likely to say,  'There's the big man, who the f**k does he think he is?'" when considering how famous he is.

He was speaking to Empire magazine ahead of the final instalment from the Taken franchise coming out.

While he has fans all over the world, the big man says that some places are more welcoming than others.

"In LA, I may be up to an eight,"  he said when asked to rate his fame out of ten.

"In New York, they don't give a f**k, so I could be an eight but they'd let you know that you're maybe a six. Or maybe a five. That's what I like about New York.

It's not just Neeson  who has fans excited when they bump into him.

When he met boxer Muhammad Ali, it was his turn to be starstruck.

"My knees literally went weak," he recalled. "He signed a ratty piece of paper that I had, for my father. I was in awe. He still is The Man."

And Liam isn't immune to movie crushes either. In fact, he can still recall his first.

"It was a lady I recently had the honour of presenting an Academy Award to in Los Angeles, and she goes by the name of Maureen O'Hara," he divulged. "She's 94 years of age. She was my first crush, and then I really fell in love with her when I saw The Quiet Man, directed by John Ford. She's in a wheelchair now, but she still has that beautiful bone structure."

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