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Liam Payne: 'I'd have another baby with Cheryl before we get married'

The singer is currently focused on his solo album.

Liam Payne is keen to have another baby with girlfriend Cheryl before they head down the aisle.

The couple became first-time parents to son Bear in March (17), but the One Direction star has revealed he would rather have another baby with Cheryl before they get married.

"I would probably say, if you pushed me, a baby," he told The Sun newspaper after he was asked if he would wed or have another baby first. "The options are definitely open for me on having another baby. Bear is the best creation I've ever made so I welcome the idea completely."

However, he insisted he is not in a rush to add to their family of three because he is focused on his upcoming solo album.

''But, when, I don't really know," he continued. "I'm about to do an album and our for a bit so we need some time before we think about baby number two, but we've got time so that's okay.''

He also explained the couple wants to keep their family size small, but Liam and Cheryl don't know how many children they will have.

''I don't know how many I would like - but not too many," he said. "I've been told that two is like having 20. You need to have that time between them - but then look at Pharrell Williams who just had triplets - that must be crazy.''

This isn't the first time Liam has expressed an interest in expanding their family - in May (17), he revealed they had already talked about having a sibling for Bear.

"We will see what happens," he told Britain's The Mirror tabloid. "We are in a routine now and loving life."

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