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Licence to thrill... charmer Bond still irresistible at 50

Daniel Craig has plenty to smile about — it’s the 50th anniversary of James Bond’s appearance on the silver screen, and the new movie is being lapped up by the critics.

Of course, having Bond girls Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe pose beside you during a New York photocall for Skyfall can’t hurt either.

While Naomie (36) chose to show off her pins in a black minidress, Berenice (33) covered up with a military-style coat and high suede boots.

Craig also looked the suave super-spy in a smart black suit and tie for the Bond 23 event.

Skyfall, which opens on October 26, has been generating plenty of buzz — and plenty of top-notch reviews.

The Independent’s Geoffrey McNab said director Sam Mendes has gone back to basics — chases, stunts and fights — for Craig’s third outing as 007.

“After the promise of Casino Royale and the anti-climax of Quantum Of Solace, the question was whether he (or new director Sam Mendes) would be able to bring anything fresh to a series that has been running for half a century. The answer is, yes, absolutely. If not a full- blown triumph, this is certainly one of the best Bonds in recent memory,” he wrote. “At the age of 50, there is no sign at all that Bond is finished yet.”

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