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'Light at the end of the tunnel' for Janice Dickinson after cancer battle

Former model Janice Dickinson revealed she is "scot-free" from breast cancer as she described her "harrowing" cancer treatment.

The 61-year-old was diagnosed in March this year after her doctor discovered a lump in her breast, which Dickinson thought was due to an "old botched boob (job)".

She told This Morning that after undergoing two lumpectomy surgeries and radiation treatment, she has now been given the all-clear.

She said: "I went through a series of six weeks of radiation, which was very harrowing, but the radiation is over, I'm scot-free, through the grace of God so cancer schmancer."

Dickinson said she was "numb" after her diagnosis and feared the reaction of her two children - Nathan, 29, and Savannah, 22 - and her fiance, Dr Robert "Rocky" Gerner.

She said: "I was in a state of numbness - not denial, not pity - I just walked around just feeling numb because I was afraid for my children, I was afraid how my two grown children would take the news. They were very, very upset.

"Then I went through this period where I thought I wasn't going to be attractive to my fiance... f eeling, 'Well, I'll just remove them', and some bit of my feminine mystique would have gone out the window.

"But Rocky, who's a psychiatrist , said, 'This does not define you, cancer does not define you, Janice'. It wasn't sinking in truly until one day I woke up and said I found Janice again and I'm back."

She took it upon herself to keep morale up in hospital during her treatment.

She said: "On those daily visits to the oncology, with people who have serious stage four and are really on their way out the door to leave the planet, I felt it was my duty to go in and I found myself again by going in there and really talking to people and asking about their day, and telling them what the latest movies are, tap dancing for them, bringing them biscuits from home.... Just trying to be of service to people that have had far worse affliction.

"That's how I found my light at the end of my tunnel and I just want to keep going. It's not the end. I'm not out the door yet."

She is now working as an ambassador for breast cancer charities and is encouraging women to check their breasts.

Dickinson, who appeared on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, said she was backing her former I'm A Celebrity co-star Christopher Biggins to win.

In a bizarre final moment with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Dickinson also blurted out: "I'm going to run for president next year and I'm going to make America sexy."


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