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Lily Allen: I said no to Band Aid because it's all 'a bit smug' for me

By Staff Reporter

London: Lily Allen has said she rejected an offer to appear on the new Band Aid 30 record because she thinks the project is "a bit smug".

The 29-year-old singer said: "I got an email asking me to do it. It's difficult to explain why I didn't do it without sounding like a complete ****.

"I prefer to do my charitable bit by donating actual money and not being lumped in a with a bunch of people like that. It's like the success club and I'm not really in that club."

But she was full of praise for Sir Bob Geldof. She said: "I actually don't mind Sir Bob. He doesn't give a **** and he's grumpy like me." Do They Know It's Christmas? has become the fastest selling single of the year.

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