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Lincoln's disturbing zombie days

Andrew Lincoln says fighting zombies on The Walking Dead meant he had quite a few disturbing days on set.

"Pretty much every day I was shocked and surprised," the actor admitted in Beverly Hills. "When you're asked to smear yourself in blood and drape a small colon around your neck, I mean that's not your everyday job really!"

Laughing, he added: "There were times when even I was like, 'Really? Are we going to get away with this?' and it all made the cut."

The former Teachers star came out to meet fans of the show at a special question and answer event at the PaleyFest in Los Angeles.

Speaking about shooting the action-packed first season, the actor confessed: "I was so tired.

"But it's just a great job, the crew and cast are magnificent, and we all can't wait to get back."

Season One aired in the UK last year on the FX channel, with a second season set to be screened in the autumn.

Andrew said fans of the show can expect "more of the same" in Season Two.

"Hopefully we're going to play to strengths, keep pushing the boundaries of taste and horror and humour, hopefully pushing the characters to their limits and seeing how they react."


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