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Lindsay Lohan leaves town in the dark over pledge to switch on Christmas lights

Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan is being urged to honour her Twitter pledge to switch on Kettering town's Christmas lights after implying earlier this year that nobody had heard of the place.

The MP for the Northamptonshire borough, which has a population of about 81,000 and is twinned with Kettering in Ohio, in the United States, has asked the US star to "please get in touch" after she initially appeared happy to to accept an invitation back in the summer.

It followed a series of tweets she made during the night of the referendum, in which she apparently signalled her support for the Remain campaign.

The town's Conservative MP Philip Hollobone then invited Ms Lohan "to switch on the Christmas lights ... thus redeeming her political reputation and raising money for good causes" in a speech to the House of Commons on June 30.

She subsequently tweeted: "Direct message me about your offer. Would be happy to light the Christmas tree in #Kettering."

However, the MP said that since then Kettering Borough Council, which is organising the switch-on next month, has yet to hear from her.

Mr Hollobone added the offer still stood and the borough would "love to hear from her" but "despite everyone's best efforts it's not been possible to track her down".

Earlier this year, Ms Lohan suggested to her nine million Twitter followers that she had no idea where Kettering was, tweeting: "#REMAIN Sorry but #KETTERING where are you."

Afterwards, Mr Hollobone, in his speech to the Commons, said: "Apart from the fact that it might be the most average town in the country, everyone knows where Kettering is."

He pointed out the town was the home of breakfast cereal Weetabix, Loake shoes, and had a football team in Kettering Town FC that had "scored more goals in the history of the FA Cup" than any other.

But nothing more has been heard from the Hollywood actress since her tweet.

Conservative MP Mr Hollobone said: "Yes, Lindsay Lohan said she would come to switch on the Christmas lights in Kettering, but despite everyone's best efforts it's not been possible to track her down to arrange the details of when, where and how.

"Kettering Borough Council organises the switch-on and would love to hear from her.

He added: "The message from Kettering is: Lindsay - please get in touch! Your public awaits!"

A spokesman for Ms Lohan declined to comment but added "stay tuned".


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