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Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar's family cheated death in Jerusalem car bomb blast during Palestinian intifada


Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar

Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar has told how his family narrowly escaped a car bomb attack while visiting Jerusalem.

The Enniskillen actor, who plays Ted Hastings in the BBC drama, detailed the near-miss during an interview for Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail podcast.

Adrian (62) declined to give date for the attack but said it happened between 1987 and 1991, during the first Palestinian intifada.

"I was in Jerusalem with the family. We parked at the Nablus Gate and went into the old city. I heard a bomb go off. I looked up into the sky and I just knew it was our car," explained the actor, who is married Anna Nygh, with whom he has a daughter and a step-son.

Not wanting to worry his family, he asked his wife to watch the children while he went to survey the damage.

"When I went down, the car was a mangled heap. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything serious in it at the time, like our passports or anything," Adrian said.

"I dealt with it like, ‘Oh God, somebody’s blown up our car’."

The actor also told how growing up during the Troubles had taught him to be wary.

He said that when he moved to London to further his career, he "noticed things other people wouldn’t be aware of".

"If someone came in, threw their bag down in the corner and went to the toilet, things like that would make you think, ‘Oh right, he just threw down his bag. I’ll have to wait until he comes back’," Adrian added.

"I would be aware and would be waiting for him to come back out of the toilet and sit back down beside his bag rather than just walk back out the door.

"You would be wary of silly things, like seeing a car parked on its own, looking abandoned outside a public building.

"You’d think ‘What’s that car doing there? It’s 2am and it’s on a double-yellow line’.

"You wouldn’t be thinking about it but, fleetingly, these things would register with you."

Adrian also recalled "very dangerous" late-night car journeys when playing in bands during the Troubles, but he denied suffering any lasting trauma.

"I was in three or four accidents, mostly because people were tired at the wheel," he said.

"But you did see scary things that unnerved you or you just missed things.

"When you are late teens, there is an air of excitement about all that. There is an excitement about living through a time when you have to grasp as much as you can because it may be taken from you.

"You felt so alive, but I don’t think I have anything like post-traumatic stress disorder."

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